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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Winter is here

At this writing, we received approximately 2 foot of snow and it has been cold.  A few things happened in my life since my last blog.  Last summer was the most physical, emotional, and mental fulfilling season I have had in a very long time.  I created works of art again, more precise and artistic than I have done before, I again taught the art of creating objects of art. I once again revisited the passion of companionship, fellowship, I once again opened my eyes to the awe-some beauty of nature.
 As our Creator have you to revisit a time in your life, and recall the lessons learned.  In many aspects of the recognition, you are blessed by the fact that the lessons you learned were a great benefit to you and your purpose in life.  The other side of the recognition is the fact, many of the things that seem good and right, was a deliberate act of self will and contrary to what is written by our Creator
When one commits to the creation of art, especially with natural material, such as stones, wood, or other material, there are a few essential first step and instructions in the preparation of the object that need to be adhered to, the gathering of the material, (certain place and time) the preparation of the material, (time, effort and patience) the design of the object, (mental prep and memory).
Many of the objects of art we see that were created by Natives here in Alaska, are indeed beautiful works of art, it may be a painting, a carving, a stone work or other natural art objects.
What one do not see is the painstaking labor and effort exerted to the glory of the creation and to the praise of the artist.
  Unfortunately some of the art you see in the tour traps are fakes.  Because one see great profit in the art of self indulgence, and deceptive practices, they use poor material, foreign material. they use what ever time and material that is "convenient".  It is almost impossible to tell if the object of art is authentic or a knock-off made in another country.  We can all be decieved in the selection of art we desire, unfortunately the same holds true for our individual lives among all races we encounter in life.
The summer was a fantastic one indeed, but unfortunately I forgot some of the instructions myself and self indulged in things that were considered petty and every day stuff, that were harmless.  In II Tim 2:22 we are to flee from youthful lust, and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, with thosee who call on the Lord from a pure heart.  In Proverbs 5:18-20 ask the question why should I be exhilarated, 
In I Thessalonians 4:1-8 in the instructions of prudent behavior, Other commandments and ordinances came to mind as I searched for the lessons in life and what was the purpose of certain time and events in my life that happened.
A few years ago, I decreed, that I would do my best to continue to do what is right and good according to His Word.  I have since, took inventory and cleaned all unneeded files and information irrelevant to the purpose in life, through prayer and supplication.
 I have been blessed with new friends and surprisingly a individual reappeared in my life, now we are good friends again.  The new friends are a blessing to me, as they give me new insight and perspective on life with their wisdom. I am thankful for old friend that became a good friend again.
The times of this last summer was fun, but in hindsight, a lot of targets were missed, but the reinforcement of the grace and mercy through His love, has brought me back into the light, and say with victory, The transformation goes on to His Glory

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