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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cold winter fog

Mid-November, the air out side right now is very crisp, the temp at 6 am was -4, the temp will rise up to a whopping 13 today, add a little wind and it feels like needles in your face, suppose to be a windy one today.  Last summer the weather was similar, there was a lot of wind and rain, but there was a lot of good warm days also.  If this is the case we may be in for a snowy winter, and cold days, (who knows) guess I will have to buy a pair of snowshoes.  Along with the bitter cold snaps, are the cold winter fog, if persistent can last for days, thus no flights, no mail, no deliveries. If you live in a remote place like our village, this can be a major disruption in village life, or life in general.
The weather these past few years have been erratic at best, it remind me of the quote of Forest Gump the movie, "life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what your going to get".  I remember the old timers say thing like, "well that was the last storm for the winter" and they were right.  The weather back then was a good indicator of things to come, we had our regular big snow before the February Chinook wind, it lasted up to eight days.  The average snow fall was almost the same every year. break-up was always the same and the rituals that accompany the changing season.
When I first returned to Alaska from out side, I was gone almost eight years, I notice the change, we had thunder and lightning on a regular basis, (almost non-existent years earlier) we had hail storm in July, the temperature seem to get a little higher in the summer and colder in the winter.
The time span of the events in your life are never permanent, if you are still breathing, only the remnant or vivid memory remains, good or bad.  Just as the events in your life change so do the people in your life.  If you live in close proximity, as we do here, you can see the change take place in peoples lives.  For the past years of supplications and petitions to our Creator, I too have seen some very positive changes in peoples lives.  The changes are so gradual and impertant that one can barely, if not miss the changes taken place in a persons life.  It is not until you see, almost on a daily basis, and know them individually that the change is even noticeable, then one day after a noticeable amount of time you come to realize that a change has taken place, and all you can say is Wow!  Your answer to your supplication and petition has arrived and you didn't even notice.
And there are those individuals that are like a big bolder in the road, they are always there and never change or get out of peoples way, the supplications and petitions to our Creator seem to go into file 13 every time you submit one, (but we know better, huh).  Just as the drops of water on the bolder wore and split that big bolder, it my belief that those big bolder in the middle of the road will succumb to the force that rule us and the universe.  I see the transformation taken place in this place we call home (earth) and I see the same in individuals lives of certain people in my life and those I grew up with.  Sadly the transformation has taken its final form for some, as they were transformed into the eternal light or ....
Our transformation is based on our Creator's will, if indeed He your Creator, then our petition should be Strengthen, O God, that which tho hast wrought for us.  Psalms 68:28

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