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Friday, November 18, 2011

Early winds

Gazing at the reflection of seasons and weather of another time bring many happy memories.  It was the November of late 80's, the weather was bitterly cold, no snow.  The lake behind my house was frozen, the kids were having the time of their life, skating, running (trying to) with their winter foot wear.  There was the occasional crying, holding their "ouch" from the frozen lake hitting them, the howler of pain in some as they brush them self off and continue to enjoy the romp on the ice. 
It was a sight to watch the adults get out on the ice without skates, first they inch out on the ice, some would stomp on the ice, some would explore the wonders of being on top of the water looking directly under it, it was so funny to watch some as they try to walk or run on the frozen water, some look like a robot, with stiff arms going back and forward, legs also stiff, straight, then stop and slide on the ice.
For the past recent seasons, the weather was very erratic, some winter seasons were cold, with the occasional pineapple express that bring a kind of spring conditions of thaw and freeze.  A friend of mine and I were comparing notes on the weather, one day he asked what was going on with the weather, we had four spring break-ups already.
This November is a revisit to those times with a twist.  This month was a cold one, Alaska experienced some of the weather conditions that were new and were not evident since millennial times.
For the past few days the temperature was in the range of the single digit minus, but we got the Chinook (king) winds this month that severed the power to many people, we were with out for two and half days.  This wind called the Chinook wind, because it is a wind that we can expect at a certain time of the year, that last for, at times, eight days, thus the name "big wind" or "king wind", this wind was normally expected early in the month of February, in our traditional calendar it is called the windy month.
The first part of the month we had little snow and pretty normal conditions, then it fell apart, snow, wind, minus temperatures, power outage.  We are over the hump of the month and it is cold and vastly different that the first part of the month.  There were no little ones crying, there were no howling, there was no amusement of the adults on the frozen water this year again, the lake was barely frozen when we got all this nasty weather, snow and wind.
The ramification of the patterns, the scope and depth of the transformation in our world are becoming more evident with each day that precedes another.The changes in the lives of some individuals are very evident as well, some are gradual and non evident until a time of realization on your part.
I was approached by a close individual, the report seem to be very exciting, and was eager to expose it to me.  The report was that a grandchild wanted to go to church and know about God! Wow!  This is indeed a good report, this is not the first report of a grandchild wanting to do the same.  At first these reports are greeted with enthusiasm and joy, but as you are brought into the realm of the fourth dimension (spiritual) one can see, the change in the younger ones can be a result of the individual on the road to victory.
The individuals with the grandchild wanting to go to church, is, I believe the results of the individuals struggling to ascertain the way of their Creator and do what is right and good.
When severed from the bad ways of the past, present I believe that person start to do good, the effect can affiliate in a positive way or a good way to others.
The transformations I see in these lives and others, are individuals who are trying to do their best to live in obedience to our Creator.  I can see in the lives of certain individuals, the positive forces are emerging, some slow and non evident and some are like the new year fire works.  I will continue to have all in my supplications and petitions go up to the one who can bring about His transformations in all our lives.
Life is full of unexpected trials and exhilarating moments, some a full of wonderment and joy while others are times we all can do without.  Continue my friend, transform to the positive.

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