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Monday, May 14, 2012

Spring is here!

The past winter was one for the records, the snow was awesome!  Earlier in the winter was cold, I have, for the first time, in a very long time, witnessed the temperature go to minus twenty-five!  I have not had that opportunity since I was a boy.  The chill at one point in time, chilled my old bones, (I don't get cold) but all-in-all the winter was just beautiful.
The spring thaw is slow and gradual, but is just awe-some out of doors, even on cold spring windy days.  If the weather was any different, and it was a fast thaw and warm, the streams and lakes would  burst their boundary to flood and agitate a lot of salmon eggs, and other unpleasant events.  But I am glad we are blessed with the elements that are under the control of our Creator. 
This brings to mind an event in the Bible, when Jesus was crossing the lake, the storm (demonic) was going to take them under The disciples were at wits end, they needed help now, so they woke up Jesus. (Luke 8:22-25)   I was reminded by G. Campbell Morgan, The God who cares  book on the book of Luke, that when we face demonic storms in our life, we are not to fret, get upset, be afraid or lose faith, The Master is in the boat (you)!.
All the animals seem to have done well during the record winter, there were only two or three reports of moose in the vil, and couple calfs falling off the bridge.  Compared to the winter of 89-90 the report was close to three hundred in and around the vil.  The sad part was the loss of our dog Ewok, we will miss him and his antics.
The winter for the most part, was for me, a time of study, meditation and reflection. 
The study of the Word at times is an obsession for me, I have invested some time in reading on the topic of  Spiritual warfare, I have done a lot in the past, but this time seem different, as I was being led by the Holy Spirit I believe.  During the time in study and prayer the monkeys (demons) that gave me the battle of my life, for most of my life are now off my back, the elements in life meant to harm, distract and disarm me are now kept at a distance, all because He reminded me that Master is in the boat!.
At times time on meditation some thoughts take me to a time and place I would rather not go back to, but my mind likes to wander when it is idle, when I try to reflect on better times, but at times I am dragged to a times and events I would rather not go back to, but the wounds of the past are always there to haunt and disrupt a time of pleasant mediation.  In Vance Havner's book Though I walk through the valley.  the book I read befor and I was greatly encouraged by, gave me more encouragement and wisdom as I was reading the book again, the chapters he wrote on the illness and death of his beloved wife.  He wrote about his dispare, disdrought and loss of joy he had while she was with him especially touched me and brought back the tears that I thought had dried up,  the chapters brought back vivid memories when my beloved's ministry on earth came to an end.  I lost my dream, ambition, vision, drive and determination, I was a deflated bloon in the middle of a temptious storm at sea, and later just as some semblance of healing was taking place, my daughter was killed.  It was just the winter before that I was with her, the times was awe-some, she told me stories and events in her life and I asked her to give her life to the Lord, she did.  She started to make plans to get her life in order and live as she should, get her kids back and be responsible to the family, children and her new found friend and Lord Jesus Christ.
The reflections I look back on, are for the most part very rewarding and pleasant, I look back at the words and works of our Lord and what he has accomplished in my life, loved ones, friends and others.
I believe that the day is drawing very near when the Lord said, "you have not yet seen the brightness of day that I am about to show you". 
He said we will have awful times and  its at my door full force, but as the old country preacher proclaimed there will be peace in the valley some day.
What about tomorrow? will my (your) prayers be answered? are we going to be the same place tomorow? are we going to recover that which was stolen and taken away?  I don't have the answer and I know of no one here on earth to tell me, but thats ok, because I read the end of the book, and we win!
"Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind" Rom. 12:2
And remember "The Master is in the boat (you)"

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