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Monday, May 14, 2012

Winter wonders

This winter is certainly one for the records, record lows and record snow, isolation caused by bad weather for air travel, further isolation caused by power outage.  I have personally acclimated to the winter weather here and I love it, this will be my twelfth consecutive year back home, also a record. through out the years I have witnessed many cold days and nights, but I can not recall the temperature to drop to twenty-five degrees below zero.  There were times when I got chilled to the bone and that just don't happen to me, I know that the elements can have a negative impact on a persons life, but this is a very trying time for me, physically, mentally and spiritually.  I have tried to get an appointment for a full physical.  The first attempt was back in November, finally on January 19th 2012 whaaa whooooo I got an appointment.  I was having pain in my stomach and it continue to increase, I'm not one to take meds, but I know that some are needed for a time 
But the reports came back and it turned out that all lab tests proved my body normal, so I am "functioning within the normal parameters".  I still have to take a pill for acid or something. 
It seems as I was studying something or another for the most of my life, at first I felt that I needed some concepts and equations and ideology in the business world. I invested over twenty years in the field, during that time I also got into oil field technology, computer tech, government analysis, socio-economic studies, and finally I was lead into the studies of the scriptures, the parables of Christ, the journeys of Paul, the major Prophets, the minor Prophets, the apostles and disciples of Christ, church building and management, and the alike, it turns out that the church and secular business run on the very same concepts and principals, but we have a different Boss.  . 
Recent years and even more so in these past few months I got into the studies of spiritual warfare, very interesting study.
The world has been changing, today we are living in the most exciting time in the history of man,  unfortunately thing are just going to be intensified,   Our Creator's purpose and will involve us all, we are His creation, therefore the prime target by our adversary. 
This is going to prove to be one of the coldest and snowiest winters on record, we still have two months of winter left here and start all over again, we will prevail the battle of winter and other forces.
It is an awesome winter and I'm looking to see another summer to remember.

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